Korra Obidi excited as man toasts her on the streets of Lagos (Video)

Korra Obidi excited as man toasts her on the streets of Lagos (Video)

Popular Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has shared her happiness that one of the goals she set for herself upon returning to her own country is succeeding.

The mother-of-two uploaded the video evidence of a man wooing her on social media to let admirers and followers know.

When Korra Obidi returned to her alma mater in Lagos, she made the bold decision to cause controversy by donning the school colors.

She said that because a man approached her, her quest for male attention in the trenches had been met.

A man approached the famous dancer as she was shown in the video strolling the streets while wearing the costume and striking up a discussion with her..

She captioned the clip; ”Was craving some trenches toasting.”

See her post below:

See how Nigerians reacted…

tevezonye; Can she ever dress without wearing Skippy things? Heaven is far from you my dear.

ellah_myhair; You don’t look like you have kids 😫😫 too $exyyy

omonomose_d; Korra host show in lag now let us do meet and greet Wass wass😫😂😂

haqim_al; If you can’t respect yourself by dressing properly as a role model and a mother, at least respect the school you finished from by dressing properly. I pray you don’t get yourself into another problem with the skimpy school uniform.

iyoreojomo; Leave her alone. She’s an artist and this is what they do. If you can’t watch then unfollow her. No one is holding you hostage here. Let her do her and you do you as long as she’s happy that’s what counts.

flora_shaw; Baba said what’s your name where do you stay 😂😂😂😂

susannwachukwu; This uniform sha…. A clear case of AO what can you do😂

glory.240; Sorry what’s your name? Korra it’s the facial expressions for me😹😹😹

gurumanguzzu; U go shaa do am until dis soldier people go vex 😂😂😂

makenadoreen; Wass wass 😅😅 it’s the guy who said “ I Dey greet you,,, what’s your name 😅😅 Nigerians are fun

princess_value; I don’t understand why some People still ask “sorry what’s your name” like you don’t know big korra before you approach her huh😂 mhen big Korra to the world 🌎 🔥

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