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Kate Henshaw @ 51: Everybody Calls Me ‘Kate Fitness’, 4 Times Actress Made Headlines With Her Gym Activities



Kate Henshaw @ 51: Everybody Calls Me ‘Kate Fitness’, 4 Times Actress Made Headlines With Her Gym Activities
  • Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw is in a celebration mood today, July 19, and it is a big deal for her as she adds another year
  • Kate is one of the popular Nigerian celebrities that take body fitness serious and is known to share some of her gym activities with fans and followers
  • On one occasion, the actress, not minding her age, was seen lifting an 80kg sumo deadlift and sparked reactions on social media

Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw added a year today, July 19, as she clocked the age of 51 amid celebration from her colleagues as well as her fans and followers.

Aside from being an actress, one interesting fact about Kate is her lifestyle, especially when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness.

Kate is one of the top Nigerian celebrities who spend time at the gym and shares some of their sessions with fans and followers who look on in disbelief.

As she marks her 51st birthday today, take a look at times when the actress made headlines with her gym activities.

1. Kate Henshaw lifts 80kg weight

The actress, irrespective of her age, made headlines after she challenged herself to go higher on the weight she could carry.

In a video she shared, Kate ended up going for an 80kg sumo deadlift, which she carried as she added that people never know how strong they are until being strong remains the only option for survival.

2. Kate Henshaw continues are gym activities during COVID-19

As the lockdown eased in 2020, the actress, who was 49-year-old at that, was among those that stormed the gym.

She also shared some of her videos working out during the lockdown, which showed it had become a part of her.


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3. Kate Henshaw on how fitness has helped her career

In an interview with the Independent in 2018, the actress spoke about how her body fitness has affected her career in a very positive way.

The actress, in a statement, said:

“See me na. How many years ago did I start? Babe still dey! In short, now, everybody calls me “Kate fitness”. Before this, they were like “she is just an actress.” But now I have managed to switch things up.”

She stressed that it is not easy to wake up every other day, consistently, for years, to work out as one’s mind has to be locked in for it.

4. Man worried about Kate Henshaw’s gym activities

A social media user named Johnny expressed concern after sharing one of the actress’s photos during her fitness training as he asked if she ever does anything apart from lifting weights.

He claimed men are scared of action ladies, and if every woman decided to be like her, there would be hunger.

He tweeted:

“Do you really do anything else apart from lifting weights? If every female or whatever is like you, there will be hunger in the house be careful. Men are scared of action ladies.”

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