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Jhonni Blaze Confirms She’s 3 Weeks Pregnant, Slams Baby Daddy For Leaving Her For Another Woman (Watch Video)



Jhonni Blaze Confirms She's 3 Weeks Pregnant, Slams Baby Daddy For Leaving Her For Another Woman (Watch Video)

Jhonni Blaze confirmed that she’s three weeks pregnant. However, when sharing the good news on social media, the season five cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” called out her baby daddy who allegedly left her for another woman.

The expectant mom made the revelation through a TikTok video. She wrote in a note, “@iamkeyz_don’t have to come back home because I’m 3 weeks pregnant so I don’t care who he with and see he has to answer to me.” And yea I told your mother.”

“And I hope Tatiana that your with in Tampa FLORIDA is ok with it to because I’m not going [nowhere],” she added. “[Your] actions assuming I ain’t love u has now caused damage and you have no say so in this pregnancy I hope your trip was worth it.”

Jhonni also exposed her DMs with a woman who was with her alleged baby daddy. In the caption, she penned, “All this jjst to make me hurt and all i did was ask please lef me heal all i wanted to do was heal @iamkeyz_ i just want to know why you did this to me?”

When hopping on Instagram Live, Jhonni said, “Everybody knows how I am. Everybody knows you’ve been around me.” She further lamented, “You decided to lie about something and she felt the need to send me videos to prove that she was with you while you were drunk and that’s cool.”

“You in Florida. I showed what the results were and what was going on and now you deny,” the singer continued, before adding during a separate livestream, “He just now blocked me. He’d been down there for this. I think he blocks me after I sent the papers. Yeah but knowing him, he’s gonna unblock and say something crazy.”


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