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Is Chelsea now the “London Cowboys” under Boehly’s rebranding scheme? Answered



Is Chelsea now the "London Cowboys" under Boehly's rebranding scheme? Answered

Obviously, it’s not true — the new owner has no plans to change the club’s name…………  READ FULL ARTICLE 

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Let’s take a look at the origin of the joke.

On September 15, a satirical website Soccer On Sunday published a fake news post titled “Chelsea to be renamed the ‘London Cowboys’, Announces Boehly”.

A made-up Boehly interview reads: “Fans will love the new name. Every time Aubama…Auyanga….every time our offense scores a 1 pointer, all the Cowboy fans in the Boehly Bowl will go nuts. That reminds me, the stadium is also being renamed.

“These changes are only the start, Long-term I see the Cowboys franchise relocating to Boston or New York. I’m sure our wonderful fans won’t mind taking a long-haul flight to every home game. Probably we’ll throw in 10% off any pretzel at the Boehly Bowl for those who make the trip.

“Could someone send in Harry Potter please? I’ve a hankering to sack someone.”

This is a hilarious take on Boehly’s recent suggestion to launch a US-style Premier League All-Stars game.

The joke about renaming, as well as other parts of the made-up interview such as “offense”, “1-pointer”, “Boehly bowl”, make fun of Boehly’s perceived Americanness. The new Chelsea owner is being ridiculed for not understanding how football works and trying to force the American way into the Premier League.

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