“If you don’t have iPhone 14 please don’t ask for my number” – Lady declares war against broke boys

"If you don't have iPhone 14 please don't ask for my number" - Lady declares war against broke boys

A Nigerian “big girl” has declared war on poor boys and drawn a firm boundary between those who can ask for her number and those who should never do so.

The woman, whose outspoken statement has now gone viral, claimed that any man who doesn’t own an iPhone, particularly the newest iPhone 14, shouldn’t ask for her number since he’s probably extremely poor and hence unable to get a phone.

This has caused a wide range of emotions, with some criticizing her for her foolish choices and others promising that she would soon be used for money rituals due to her keen eye for gold.

In this environment, women’s awareness has become dominated by their desire of material possessions. You also have little chance of dating them if you don’t have much money to spend on them.

Author: Thecuteceleb

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