“I Was Reading Seriously, Nobody called me”: Student Arrives Exam Hall 7 Hours Late, Says He Thought Paper Was 3 Pm

"I Was Reading Seriously, Nobody called me": Student Arrives Exam Hall 7 Hours Late, Says He Thought Paper Was 3 Pm

A student from Nigeria described how he came late for his school examinations.

According to 4evertoxiclagosng, he was reading diligently in preparation for the exam and anticipated that it would end by three in the afternoon.

He arrived at the location only to find out that it was a morning paper test and that his classmates had already finished.

“Thought my paper was for 3 pm, didn’t know it was for 8 am and I was at home reading serious for past questions”, he narrated.

Social media reactions

Gentle Lion said:

“I can relate. They changed exam time and not everyone was aware see people turning up with house clothes and girls without makeups. Nigerian universities self.”

Moore Amor stated:

“I had a carry over for this reason. Exam was rescheduled from afternoon to morning so I took my time. Didn’t have permanent seat mates so no one called. Met my coursemate outside school fanning herself with question paper.”

Zinota reacted:

“There was a time I always went to events late and I had to put an end to it cos it isn’t really cool thing to do.”

Kenny Karty added:

“Let me guess it’s a school in the eastern part of the country.”

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