“I Want to End It All”: Man Cries As His Three-Year-Old Girlfriend Marries Someone Else With His Money, Sends Him Pictures Of Her Wedding

"I Want to End It All": Man Cries As His Three-Year-Old Girlfriend Marries Someone Else With His Money, Sends Him Pictures Of Her Wedding

After a three-year relationship with a woman ended in rejection, a sad Nigerian man is considering taking his own life.

Editor and linguist Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro posted the man’s agonizing Whatsapp conversations on Facebook, in which he described what truly transpired.

In response to the conversations, Ogbonnaya scowled at the lady’s behavior, remarking that neither a man nor a woman deserved such.

The man said that during the talk, Chidera, his bae, informed him that her sister was getting married. On a Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for the event, the unwitting boyfriend brought his girlfriend shopping at Onitsha market.

In the meantime, the lady informed him that the traditional wedding took place on the same Friday and the white wedding on the following Saturday.

Following his purchase, he paid N50,000 to his bae’s sister and placed her on a bus to go back home on Thursday. He would learn that the person who actually got married was his bae.

Social media reactions

Eziamaka Mma Okoye said:

“Nawa but this my gender get mind ooo,my brother take heart,your gender is also dealing with me and some other girls with sincere feeling and love.last last we all go dey alright.”

Chris Chukwu said:

“When I say fear Women, una go say men do pass. If a woman wan do you, na to finish you kpata kpata, dem no get mercy. Shebi na only to cheat mean sabi, women get A1 for all from cheating, to giving another man child, to killing you , to making you sell your properties to making you run mad and finally making you end it all….FEAR WOMEN!”

Nancy Ijeoma Silver said:

“Only 3years, my friend that was served breakfast by a guy she has dated for 9years nko.

“Dude married the lady he introduced to my friend as “just a friend”… Omo, life continues jare, both gender are showing each other shege here and there . He should dust himself and move on.”

Eneh Kingsley Nonso said:

“I shedded tears while reading the chat. This is sad. Would never wish my greatest enemy this degree of hurt. No one whether man or woman deserves this. Just trying to put my self in this guy’s shoes, i will just go mad. God abeg o.”

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