“I prefer being rich and sad than poor and happy” – Reality TV star, Nini declares (Video)

“I prefer being rich and sad than poor and happy” – Reality TV star, Nini declares (Video)

Nini Singh, a reality television personality, has stated that she would prefer to be affluent and miserable rather happy and impoverished.

When given the option to pick between having money and being happy or having money and living like a pauper, the Big Brother Naija star and brand influencer said this in a post on her official Instagram page.

In response, Nini chose the “rich and sad” strategy and proceeded to paint scenes of her experiencing both wealth and sadness.

“Baby girl status for life, who else wants to cry in Lambo with me?” she captioned the post.

Watch video below,

When Nini uploaded old pictures of all the vehicles she had driven, it stirred quite some discussion.

On Friday, January 14, the reality personality, model, and businesswoman in the fashion industry posted photos of her eight automobiles to Instagram Stories.

Nini shared the images and described the functions of each vehicle.

She commented, “So today, I want to do a flashback of all my automobiles; tell me which is your fave.”

However, social media users’ reactions to the images were conflicting. See a few remarks below.

“See folks we dey utilize our hard earned money to vote for to win more money,” stated Instagram user @timisaino11 in a post.

“Up to 7 automobiles in how many years,” @olaedo anaedo tweeted. You and your deity already know if it is true or false.

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