“I now see where your kids got their beauty from” – Man passes note to married woman at an event, her kids’ reactions will shock you (Video)

"I now see where your kids got their beauty from" - Man passes note to married woman at an event, her kids' reactions will shock you (Video)

In a brief video posted by @thekingemzy, it can be seen that he gave a married mother of two lovely girls a word of encouragement.

At a gathering, he discreetly recorded her reaction as he handed her the letter and she graciously accepted it. When she opened it, it read:

“I now see where your kids got their beauty from.”

The woman’s children eagerly awaited him to give her the piece of paper so they could read what was written on it. The elder child was portrayed in the TikTok video laughing loudly while having such a dramatic attitude.

The praise caused the woman to blush as well. However, her younger child did not take the message lightly and continued to frown. She was supposed to be her mother’s protector.

Watch the video here:

@thekingemzy What do you think about this compliment?😂 #happyfamily #compliment ♬ KU LO SA – A COLORS SHOW – Oxlade

The video has received more than 44,000 likes and over 500 comments as of the time this post was being written.

See few reactions below:

“The second girl is simply protective of dad’s investment.”

Walker said:

“The second kis is definitely gonna tell their dad.”

“The girl in the orange dress tho, must be jovial.”

omodano said:

“If I were the one, I’d tell the woman straight u re so pretty n no say it indirectly.”

placidiaruth said:

“The second daughter said no don’t toast my mum.”


“The second girl was ready to tear that paper if not for home training.”

Brilliant said:

“The second girl is daddy’s monitoring spirit.”

wepemz1 said:

“Am proud of the 2nd girl for protecting her mom, she doesn’t wants to be carried away like the first girl, but I love the first girl’s energy.”

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