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“I hope he’s not already 20yrs?” – Fans share hilarious comments as actor Aki kneels beside son for a photo



"I hope he's not already 20yrs?" - Fans share hilarious comments as actor Aki kneels beside son for a photo

A photo showing actor Aki posing with a little boy for the camera has been spotted on social media………   READ FULL ARTICLE

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In the photo, the actor and his son donned matching colours of tops. The father and son, however, had different colours of joggers on.

While the father was spotted in a yellow jogger, the little boy wore a carton-coloured trouser.

Drawing the little boy close to him, the actor posed with one hand and held his son with the other.

Check out the photo below:

Nigerians react


“The baby will grow up to realize what a legend he has as a father.”


“E fit tall pass him papa o.”


“Stand up I wan check something.”


“I hope he’s not already 20yrs?”


“Why e kneel down hope is not what am thinking sha.”


“Son don tall pass hin papa , papa kukuma kneel down make e no Dey obvious awwww so cuties.”


“He should stand up na we wan to check somethin.”


“Okayyy, this is suspicious. Why ain’t he standing . (a few moments later), okay I get it, dads stand for their son not fathers.”


“Why u kneel? You suppose stand then caption “twinning with my son”

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