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I Handled Peter Obi’s Twitter Account – Omokri Makes Public Confession



I Handled Peter Obi's Twitter Account - Omokri Makes Public Confession

On Friday, Reno Omokri, a former presidential assistant, acknowledged that he had previously managed Peter Obi’s (of the Labour Party (LP)) Twitter account.  READ FULL ARTICLE

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According to Omokri, who has been finding fault since since the former governor of Anambra State defected from the PDP for the LP, he managed Obi’s Twitter account till July 2022.  READ FULL ARTICLE

When he (Omokri) was running the page, Obi allegedly had a small number of actual followers. He said that the candidate for president now utilizes bots to increase his or her following on the Bird app.

Obi and his social media managers were challenged by Omokri to refute the assertion, and he also claimed that an IPOB operative was responsible for Obi’s present Twitter following.

The PDP chieftain tweeted:

“I handled Peter Obi’s Twitter until we handed it to him in July. We know how many real followers he has. Click on his followers. you’ll see hundreds of thousands with ZERO followers and NO PROFILE PHOTO. They are bots from the IPOB agent posing as a girl on Twitter.

“I challenge Peter Obi and his handlers to deny he is not using bots. We have all the data. From when WE created his profile to when WE handed it to him in July. All his followers were real. It was after the IPOB agent posing as a girl came in that bots were added!

“To show you how Peter Obi’s people use Twitter bots and troll farms to fool the public about his online popularity, watch his video with Adeola. YouTube is the only platform where bots and troll farms CANT WORK. That is why that video does not have a lot of views.”

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