“I had a dream”: Man predicts Argentina vs Netherlands scores hours before match

"I had a dream": Man predicts Argentina vs Netherlands scores hours before match

Twitter user @Prodr3amer, a young man, shot to fame after speculating on the outcome of the current FIFA World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands.

People were shocked when he announced on Twitter on Friday, December 9, hours before the game, that he had seen in a dream that Argentina would win in penalty kicks.

Netherlands equalised

He correctly predicted that the final score of the entire 90-minute game would be 2-2. As of the 70th minute of the game, Argentina had two goals to none for Netherlands, placing them significantly behind. When they equalized, everything changed as the game progressed.

Numerous people flocked to the man’s tweet in the minutes following the game’s conclusion and Argentina’s advancement to the semifinal round due to the accuracy of his forecast.

Check out his tweet below:

The tweet has received close to 2,000 quotes and more than 24,000 likes as of the time this post was being written.

See some of the reactions below:

@jamo_para said:

“Na after match person dey always see this kind thing.”

@iSlimfit asked:

“Please who is Nigeria’s next President and how many votes in total did he secure?”

@AmoweO asked:

“What’s my future going to be like?”

He replied:

“It’s looking very good.”

@Abuh_abel reacted:

“Abeg, will I have a gf before the year ends?”

@NnennaPercy asked:

“Why we always dey see this after match?”

“I saw the tweet when the match was on…”

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