“I can’t date a man who doesn’t [email protected] me, the relationship will be boring” – Nigerian Woman discloses (See Photos)

"I can't date a man who doesn't be@t me, the relationship will be boring" - Nigerian Woman discloses (See Photos)

Using the name Lopex Morrissa, a Nigerian woman said on Facebook that she loves being thrashed by her partner so much that she gets anxious if he doesn’t beat her for a day.

She refers to her boyfriend’s pounding as “love beating” and claims that it solidifies their bond. These are the Facebook posts that Lopex Morrissa made that really astounded and astonished the Nigerian online community!

“I Love Beating Infact Beating Is My Medicine, If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Beat Me A Day, I Will Be So Nervous Throughout That Day” She went on to throw More light on her “Love Beating”.

Here is her exact statement on Facebook.

I love beating Infact beating is my medicine. If My Boyfriend doesn’t beat me a day, I will be so nervous throughout that day. Beating a day makes relationship grow stronger. We call it love beating Before you come here talking trash, is it your beating?” – Nigerian Lady, Lopex Morrissa Escandell Says On Facebook

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