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How the ASUU strike is causing Anambra students to partake in wild parties



ASUU Strike: Alleged orgy by university students sparks internet argument

Social media is buzzing with debate after a video surfaced of a hotel sex party allegedly hosted by college students in Ifite Awka, Anambra State……   READ FULL ARTICLE

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Viral video of alleged students having sxx publicly at a party in Anambra causes stir online (video)

In the footage, people who seemed to be Nnamdi Azikiwe University students were seen having sex in front of everyone while other party guests moved around the ballroom.

According to reports, the film that included many couples in intimate poses was shot at a hotel (name withheld) adjacent to the illustrious school.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, or ASUU, members’ strike, which has shut down the school for almost seven months, has been blamed by many for the filthy party depicted in the viral video.

The participants in the video were referred to as UNIZIK students, which irked Nanya Okoye, a Facebook commenter.

With all due respect, sir, my dear students are at home. The last time I checked, ASUU was still on strike, so anyone is there is doing so voluntarily; no one was required to go there.

“Please sir, don’t bring Unizik into this problem. It was done at the Ifite students area, but it doesn’t mean all the students there are from UNIZIK; some may be from other nearby schools.”

Mr. Felix-Joe Chibunkem, a different commenter who responded, stated that more than 90% of individuals who attended the sex party were students of the organization, asserting that he knew most of them.

Chikunkem reacted to the fact that some students were staying at home due to the strike by asking, “Which pupils are at home? You are unaware of the modern norm? I went down to the area only on Friday night, and I still noticed students behaving as usual. Which pupils are currently at home?

“If you had stated that most of the students are at home and the others are here, I would have agreed with you. But it’s wrong of you to even identify them as “beloved.” As a result, you have attempted to exalt certain things that are most familiar to you.

If you conducted a further inquiry, you would learn that the assault was directed at the students and that the garden has served as the Sodomite’s permanent residence. What are you saying because 99% of the people present were students, as I can assure you?

“Ahh, I see now and I remember. You are the school’s mother. I would like not believe otherwise,” he replied.

We were unable to get in touch with Mrs. Gladys Chika, the institution’s spokeswoman, for comment.

The party, which was hosted in a nearby hotel on a Saturday last week, included a poster encouraging women to wear pajamas.

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