“His Juju expired in the church” – Reactions as Nigerian bride refuses to marry groom on wedding day (Video)

“Spiritual husband is around her” - Reactions as Nigerian bride refuses to marry groom on wedding day (Video)

At their religious wedding, a perplexed Nigerian woman objected to being married to the groom.

One of the visitors recorded the disturbing occurrence, which was published on TikTok and stirred some discussion online.

The bride appeared to be somewhat perplexed in the footage taken from a distance as she and the groom stood at the altar.

Perhaps the bride’s countenance caused the priest to inquire as to whether or not she was prepared for marriage.

To everyone’s amazement, the bride said “no” in response to the pastor’s invitation. The assembly went crazy as a result of this.

The pastor made an effort to soothe the visitors, but the footage clearly showed how tense things were.

Watch the video below:

Social media users commented on the post to share their opinions. Below are a few responses:

@bonpillobagi said, “spiritual husband is around her”.

@YOUNG BTC said, “which kin hand be that😂 that guy get hand for the marriage😏😏”.

@Annabel👑👑 said, “Abeg who get that hand”.

@Evil__ꪻꪖᛕꫀ᥅ᦓ👿👹 said, “Na why person suppose to Dey carry cord for pocket!! She go pay me from A-Z”.

@Big_Zinny🦋🔐 said, “You Dey do video Dey ask me what happened 😂 who con put craw craw hand for my front 😏”.

@goodchi said, “She don lose money for sporting bet”.

@osazeeomoruyi130 said, “Ogbanje, Abiku, Marine spirit. Her spirit husband showed up and activated her against marrying him. Don’t doubt me please.”

@vivy said, “una dey look, wedding, I dey look that one wey stand, wear lace, people dey sew ooo 😂😂😂😂”.

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