‘He Couldn’t Listen To The Song Again’ – Omah Lay’s Record Label CEO Reveals the Truth Behind hit song ‘Soso’

'He Couldn't Listen To The Song Again' - Omah Lay's Record Label CEO Reveals the Truth Behind hit song 'Soso'

Omah Lay’s record label CEO reveals the truth behind Omah Lay’s hit song ‘Soso’.
‘Soso’ is one of the most popular tracks off Nigerian Afro-fusion artist Omah Lay’s debut album ‘Boy Alone’.

On Friday (December 30), Valo, the CEO of Keyqaad label where Omah Lay is currently signed, takes to Twitter and reveals a rare fact about the record.

According to him, Omah knew that ‘Soso’ is a special record, so he re-recorded it many times to make it perfect.

He also reveals that Omah couldn’t listen to the last version that made it on the album until the album was officially released. This was because the version on the album wasn’t the choice of Omah Lay who wanted to keep recording the song but had to be stopped because they were running out of time.

The CEO writes: ‘Random Soso fact: Omah Lay always knew the song was special that he re-recorded so many times… He still didn’t like the version we put out but we had to meet release deadline, so bad he couldn’t listen to the song again until release Lol’.

Omah Lay’s hard work on ‘Soso’ paid off. The song is currently the highest charting song off the album on Apple Music Nigeria at number 5.

Watch ‘Soso’ MV below:

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