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Gunnar Gehl – Cinnamon 「Audio」



Gunnar Gehl - Cinnamon 「Audio」

Gunnar Gehl – Cinnamon MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

Gunnar Patrick Gehl is an American singer-songwriter. He released his debut single, “Ocean Blue” in October 2018. Gehl was the opening act of PrettyMuch’s North American Funktion Tour. His first EP “One Second Of One Day” was released in October, 2020.

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He first started playing the guitar at the age of seven. At the same age, he started playing on his grandfather’s piano. Gehl was a cowboy before shifting towards music. He owns two dogs, Cruise and Kona.

Gehl started his music career playing in local bands and as a solo artist. He later recorded at a local studio where he met other artists including PrettyMuch. He was the opening act for all 22 dates on PrettyMuch’s North American Funktion Tour.

Gehl’s debut single, “Ocean Blue” released in October 2018, had 100,000 streams on Spotify within three weeks of its release. It was one of the first songs that Gehl wrote outside of Newport. He worked in Los Angeles with producer Julian Fefel. Before releasing “Ocean Blue”, Gehl had posted covers and original songs including “Change” and “Time Stands Still” on SoundCloud and Instagram. A highly anticipated EP was released in 2020, “One Second of One Day”.

He has stated that modern technology has had a largely beneficial impact on the music industry, making it easier for listeners to find music. He uses frequently uses technology in music production, including to write down lyrics while writing songs. He sings covers of Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Khalid, Billie Eilish, and Juice Wrld. He plans on releasing more covers by these artists and other artists such as Why Don’t We.


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