Female fan adds Davido to her prayers at Shiloh (Photo)

Female fan adds Davido to her prayers at Shiloh (Photo)

At the just concluded Shiloh 2022, a Nigerian woman startled onlookers by handing musician Davido a prayer request form.

Remember that the actor lost his first child, Ifeanyi Adeleke, on October 31st, and that his entire family has been grieving ever since.

The woman penned a petition asking God to grant the celebrity pleasure and protection from suffering another such tragedy.

In her words;

“I praise your holy name thank you because you are God.
DAVID Adeleke.
I put Davido into your hands, evil shall be Far away From him and his family. Death shall never locate his family again.
Let him found happiness in everything he do, anything he lays his hand into shall favour him.
separate him from every unfriendly friend
In Jesus name

In related news, social media analyst Daniel Regha has come under fire online for his remarks on musician Davido’s planned appearance at the Qatar 2022 World Cup’s closing ceremony.

After the passing of his son Ifeanyi, Davido, who has avoided social media and public appearances save from his uncle Ademola Adeleke’s inauguration ceremony, reportedly stated that he will play in Qatar.

A few weeks earlier, he was invited to play at the opening ceremony but was unable to do so due to the untimely death of his son.

Now, he will play in the closing ceremony on December 18, 2022, with other well-known performers from throughout the world.

Regha responded to this scenario by saying that Davido ought to have accepted the invitation given that he had postponed his music festival “AWAY” until the following year.

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