“Fear Women o”: Man Catches his wife cheating with another man while on holiday (Video)

"Fear Women o": Man Catches his wife cheating with another man while on holiday (Video)

A man has recently stirred conversations on social media after catching his wife cheating with another while on holiday.

In a viral video posted on Twitter by @DailyLoud on December 27, the man was seen making a video of his wife who was holding lurked in the arms of another man.

He did not give her much attention

According to the husband, the wife had earlier told him that she wanted to travel with her sister but unfortunately caught her while trying to board a flight with another man.

While questioned about her action, she admitted while defending herself that her husband has not been showing her attention, reason she decided to move on.

The video has gathered massive reactions on Twitter with many faulting the husband for not giving her partner much attention.

Watch the video here:

Netizens react:

@IamLoratoMolema said:

“Sis said, you haven’t been showing me attention so I decided to move on love that!!”

“I love it too! Admitting to adultery on camera, makes the divorce case so much easier…good luck collecting a settlement or alimony Keisha .”

“No need to be mad at dude.”

“Man please. She’ll be back, he ain’t even having no real motion flying them on Spirit lol.”

@StevieGrainger said:

“When she said “that’s my brother.”

@iam_DeeDee said:

“I don’t condone adultery. The husband seem to have been neglectful in his duties bc she’s been in an affair for several months without his knowledge. However, the wife should have communicated her feelings to her HUSBAND and not another man.”

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