Family in pains as they wear asoebi, arrive wedding venue on wrong date with full bus & cooked meals

Family in pains as they wear asoebi, arrives wedding venue on wrong date with full bus & cooked meals

After arriving at a wedding location with a full bus and prepared food, a family was left in anguish when they learned that the ceremony was scheduled for a different day.

A user shared the tale, which was posted on Twitter and described how her family ended up attending a wedding that was set to take place the following month.

Big Baby P, the user, said that her family members traveled from Lagos to Osun while preparing meals for the occasion.

They went so far as to invite pals, who rode on a packed bus to the event with them.

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Check out the post below:

She wrote, “My entire family once wore asoebi, cooked up a storm and drove from Lagos to Osun State for a wedding that wasn’t until the next month. We even invited folks; they followed us in a full bus 😭”.

@mz_curio said, “The good thing is the mistake was from popsy😂”.

@Ulamaryamh said, “That was how I bought tickets for an event that was on the 10th I actually thought the event was 11th, that very day I was doing nothing at home and was so bored, I saw the ticket but I didn’t check the date the next day that’s when I saw 10th😭na like that ticket take waste”.

@4evertoxiclagng said, “Thought my paper was for 3pm, didn’t know it was for 8am and I was at home reading serious for past questions 😆”.

@saudje said, “Lol Same way i mistook the date of my Valecdictory service then in secondary school, CSSL Ipaja. I came to school the day after the VS . Wore my daywear & my suit was hung in the car. Was so disappointed that day!”

@Ragafm_ said, “Thank God it wasn’t your mother that made this mistake😂”.

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