“Fake life pro max” – Young lady borrows her friend’s meat, adds it to her soup just to snap with it (Video)

"Fake life pro max" - Slay queen borrows her friend's meat, adds it to her soup just to snap with it (Video)

Online outrage has been generated by a young Ghanaian “keep awake” woman who borrowed meat from a friend just to shoot pictures.

The lady and her companions were given fufu with meat and eggs at the chop bar in a humorous video.

She began filming and photographing the meal and then did something strange. The woman took meat from a friend’s meal and added it to her own to make it appear richer and more costly.

She re-added the meat to her friend’s meal while she carried on photographing and filming her exquisite dish.

The amusing occurrence attracted responses on social media, and many people cautioned others from envying the lifestyle individuals portray on social media since it can be phony.

View the video here:


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