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Fabolous – BACH TO BACH Feat. Dave East 「Audio」



Fabolous - BACH TO BACH Feat. Dave East

Fabolous – BACH TO BACH Feat. Dave East  MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
They gave me hassle back when we used to capsule crack
Now I’m shittin’ on ’em just to pay them assholes back
Quarterback life, people wanna pass you sacks
Matte black Maybach, I named it Matt Hasselbeck
White ‘Bach truck, the bounce might flash you back
“Still D.R.E.,” Snoop and Dre, classic track (Still)
We done schoolin’ niggas, time to throw them tassel caps (Real)
We the tag team that never tongue rassled back

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[Verse 2: Dave East]
Ain’t goin’ back and forth with niggas, I don’t battle rap
Safari Air Max in the jungle, match with the habitat
If you need a brick stepped on, I know where some Kappas at
Lost homies, twisted my mental, just gettin’ back from that
If I wrote my life in a book, I bet not a chapter whack
I don’t know where your mouth been, this blunt, I’m not passin’ that
I been on Remy, not shorty that make Pap’ relax
From trap to rap, we pull up Bach to Bach, it’s a matter of fact

[Verse 3: Fabolous & Dave East]
Back to back like Curry ’17, ’18
I figure Dolce and Gabbana fit better than state greens
Lay back in the Six like I’m Drizzy in Toronto
Your bird gave me the box, I ain’t have to put on no blindfold
Logo on the ground when I open the car door
She talkin’ nastier than Lil Kim on Hard Core
The OG came home, he mean as a guard dog
Which one of you 50 Boyz I’ma send my Lamar for? (Uh)
You give niggas an inch, they take a couple yards more (Facts)
I give ’em game for free that I could really charge for
Ain’t investin’ in our business, why you up in ours for?
Bum-ass nigga, worry ’bout your cup and your cardboard, nigga
I seen the devil, that just made me talk to God more
Just prayin’ that the plug give me the light like Sean Paul
I ain’t have to tip her, I could still clip her like Paul George
Give out work like Job Corp, this life you would die for
Deals funny as Seinfeld, what the fuck would you sign for?
After you cook and clean it, under the sink is the Pine Sol
All these diamonds in my watch got me readin’ the time wrong
Born savage, cause havoc, mob deep, no quiet storm
And I’m the prodigy, so we mob deep everywhere
These is Prada, G, I’ma mob deep every pair, yeah
You know I handle my business, you hear my daughter talk
Black leather trench, ’bout to cut a nigga water off

[Outro: Fabolous]
My baby told me to lay back tonight
Put me in a Maybach tonight
Bet you Lil Kim fucked in a 600
Handle it like a real bitch, Heather Hunter
My baby told me to lay back tonight
Put me in a Maybach tonight
Bet you Lil Kim fucked in a 600
Handle it like a real bitch, Heather Hunter


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