Even after getting my third degree at Oxford University, DJ Cuppy admits that she still struggles with spelling correctly

I still struggled to spell correctly even after earning my third degree at Oxford University - DJ Cuppy reveals

In a recent online post, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, better known online as DJ Cuppy, revealed that she had trouble correctly writing words in English.

Today, December 7, 2022, DJ Cuppy said on her verified Instagram profile that she was left speechless after receiving a beautiful home worth N2.8 billion from her father Femi Otedola on her 30th birthday.

DJ Cuppy is undoubtedly experiencing the time of her life because she is now enjoying herself with her boyfriend, billionaire Youtuber and boxer Ryan Taylor.

Since being engaged, DJ Cuppy and her fiancé have won over fans with their public displays of affection. They are frequently seen together at concerts and gatherings, sharing sweet videos and cuddly images.

Despite possessing three (3) university degrees, the writer of a recent article who is now enjoying a chill moment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), admitted that she doesn’t know how to spell yacht and that she frequently substitutes one or two terms for the other.

The daughter of Otedola wrote, “Even after receiving my third degree from Oxford University…

I’m still unsure of how to spell the name of the platform I’m on—is it YATCH, YACTH, or YACHT?


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