“En think say na America en dey”: US Rapper Meek Mill’s phone stolen in Ghana, he begs for it to be returned

"En think say na America en dey": US Rapper Meek Mill's phone stolen in Ghana, he begs for it to be returned

During his travel to Ghana for the Afro Nation concert, popular American rapper Meek Mill had his phone stolen.

The musician who traveled to the nation of West Africa for the event seemed to be having a fantastic time when someone stole his phone.

He had been posting entertaining videos from his time in Ghana on his Facebook, and one of the posts even mentioned that he would need to buy a home there.

Meek was pickpocketed and had his phone taken from him, though, so his enjoyable experience looked to be tarnished.

The musician pleaded for the phone to be given back on his Instagram stories as well.

He wrote:

“They pick pocketed me for my phoneeeeeee SMH..Bring that Jawn back if you got it!!”

See a screenshot of the post below:

Rapper Meek Mill pickpocketed in Ghana.
US rapper Meek Mill begs for his phone as he is pickpocketed in Ghana. Photo: @meekmill Source: Instagram

Netizens react to Meek Mill’s phone getting stolen in Ghana

Shortly after the music star shared his ordeal online, a number of netizens shared their interesting reactions. Read some of their comments below:


“Welcome daddy showkey welcome “


“Na borrow them borrow it will be returned soon ‍♂️.”


“how do u say “OTILO” In American accent ✌☺”


“Welcome to Africa because he was riding bikes earlier bro thought he’s still in America just Dey play better hold your chains cos that’s their next target”


“Dude put a cash reward to your cell phone they will return.”


“Him think say na US. He no go see that phone again.”


“Things naija no fit do…..”


“Nah the real God bless Africa be this “


“We all laugh over it but that’s a very bad image for Africa and black living abroad that spent money to become somebody over there and one bad act from Africa will bring bad image for most black people abroad of them have stood for their right in abroad. We have to change our mentality over things especially the popular figures in our society.”


“What happens in Ghana stays in Ghana “


“He’s never Ghana see it again “


“Na one spirit dey control the whole of Africa “

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