Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade ‘Steals’ His Detroit Pistons Jacket For The Suite Life

Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade 'Steals' His Detroit Pistons Jacket For The Suite Life

Imagine being able to “steal” Eminem‘s jacket to wear to a Detroit Pistons game. His daughter Hailie Jade Scott didn’t have to image such a thing since she took the jacket from her father years ago but never had the opportunity to wear it until now.

Hailie Jade Scott Wore Eminem’s Detroit Pistons Jacket To A Game

Hailie Jade
Hailie Jade – TikTok

Scott, 26, shared the story of how she got her father’s Pistons jacket during a TikTok video showing her makeup routine while getting ready to go to the game. “So I have a friend who randomly gets tickets to games and she asked if me and my boyfriend wanted to go and surprisingly, we said yes,” she said while doing her makeup for the night out. “I’m usually not a last-minute person, but I specifically had an outfit in mind for this, and it’s the holidays so like, why not go out on a random weeknight?”

Scott continued to do her makeup but gave a quick sneak peek at what she’s planning to wear for the evening. “I’m so glad I am the kind of person that keeps a red sneaker at all times. I’ve had my Puma suede sneakers, I have them in like every color, but the red specifically always randomly comes in handy and people just sleep on the fact that having a red sneaker really can make an outfit pop,” she continued.

“I Actually Stole It From My Dad A Few Years Ago”

Hailie Jade
Hailie Jade – TikTok

She then shared a “random fun fact” saying, “My family used to go to Pistons games a lot when we were younger, but we haven’t really gone in a while, and I personally just haven’t gone, so I’m kind of excited to go.”

As she continued to contour her face and get her makeup perfected, she talked about the jacket she decided to wear to the game. “So besides the red Puma suede sneakers that I knew I wanted to wear, I showed that varsity jacket, and I actually stole it from my dad a few years ago,” she said. “I’m assuming it’s from when we used to go to games when I was younger, but I’ve never really had a chance to wear it, so I’m excited to wear that too.”

After the “Just A Little Shady” podcast host finished her makeup, it was time for the outfit reveal which included the “stolen” jacket.

Hailie Jade Scott’s Followers Loved That She “Stole” The Jacket From Her Father

Hailie Jade at Detroit Pistons game
Hailie Jade – TikTok

Many of her followers had something to say about the stolen jacket in the comment section of her TikTok video. ““Stole it from my dad” the way it’s Eminem is so wild to me lol,” one follower wrote. Another hilariously added, “Diss track for the jacket thief coming soon😂” Another fan pointed out Eminem will now realize where his missing jacket has been saying, “Your dad realizing where his jacket went 👁️👄👁️”

Some followers pointed out how “surreal” it is that Eminem‘s daughter is so down-to-earth and how great it’s been watching her grow up from afar.

“So humbly living life as the daughter of one of the greatest musical artists of all time,” one person wrote.

“Literally me being 32 and having watched you grow up and seeing you now on TikTok is surreal to me. You grew up so lovely,” another added.

One other fan added how humble Scott is saying, “You know her Dad could get seats any day of the week on the damn court and she chooses to go with a friend. This is humility.”

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