Drama as young man sees message on girlfriend’s phone from her bank asking ‘When are you coming’ (Watch video)

Drama as young man sees message on girlfriend's phone from her bank asking 'When are you coming' (Watch video)

A young man confronted his girlfriend after discovering a message alert on her phone that appeared to show she was having an extramarital affair.

Her personal bank apparently sent her an automated message asking, “When are you coming,” and when her boyfriend saw it, he allegedly urged her to unlock the phone so he could read everything.

The little girl politely rejected, which sparked a public scene in which she began pleading with him inaudibly.

He insisted she unlock the phone so he could read the bank message in a video that was uploaded online, but the pressure caused her to start weeping.

He then told her to follow him home so they could talk about it alone. In the background, one of the onlookers filming the event could be heard laughing.

Watch the video here:

In reaction, iam_trod wrote; Dem need her finger print 😂

_temiit.ope; This relationship of a thing na for pple wey get strong mind oo😮😂😂

honorthyancestors; Young man will you leave that girl and go make some money? So na you make her no come hotel?😂😂😂

zerobelt01477; Nah customer care working on her account, understanding is very important in a relationship 😢😮

japhet.oscar; She go still go see the guy, all these tears Na lie

ushbebecomedian; This same Taiwo Bus stop 🚏


emir_kingpin; Maybe there’s fraudulent activity on her acc, so the customer service needs her attention. Abi

adon.is285; All that crocodile 🐊 tears 😭 no mean anything ! She go still visit the guy I swear.

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