“Dey play?” Wife of 25 Years Finds out Husband Has Secret Wife & Kid, Storms the Lady’s House (Video)

"Dey play?" Wife of 25 Years Finds out Husband Has Secret Wife & Kid, Storms the Lady's House (Video)

A woman found out her husband has another marriage that is happily cohabitating after 25 years of marriage.

The lady found her man’s other wife and went to her home, although it is unclear how she learned of this.

In many videos posted on TikTok, the first woman identified herself as Donovan’s wife and said she was seeking for him.

@arianaxinxin Her husband has a 9 year old child too with another wife.. #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – arianaxinxin

NayG said:

“She’s still saying it my husband instead of her telling him to stop hiding a face it like a man and get to the point so hiding is a sign of guilt.”

“25 y wife don’t no anything but that 10y wife must be know wht is going on.”

“It’s the way she looks at her. I feel like she knew but tried to play it off.”

“I’m not arguing with my husband’s side piece. She can have him. I’d bring all his things over. He’s all urs booboo.”

#135 said:

“Trust me on this…. the 10 year relationship knew about the 25 year one!!!”

“If she married him 25 years ago and he actually managed to get married again to someone else without divorcing he’s going to have bigger fish to fry.”

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