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Destroy Lonely – Patience (Audio)



Destroy Lonely - Patience (Audio)

Destroy Lonely – Patience  MP3 Stream not download, Lyrics

Bobby Sandimanie III (born July 30, 2001), popularly known as Destroy Lonely, is an American recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

In an interview with Our Generation Music, the Atlanta native explained how the “Destroy” in his stage name came from his feeling that drugs were destroying him:

I had an era when I was like in high school where I was like doing drugs and shit. So, like I was on Xans and I used to be geeked the fuck up. I’d come to school, [at] seven o’clock in the morning just geeked up, like, “I don’t give a fuck about nothing, I’m on the Xans, I’m geeking.” But like, I knew I was likewise enough, I guess or just like I wanted better for myself, so I knew like if I kept doing that shit, I’d fuck myself up like in a way, on some corny shit, destroy myself, you know what I’m saying? Like self-destruction. So, I’m like, “I’ma just use that as the first part of my name.”

He further elaborated on how the “Lonely” part came into fruition as he felt lonely at his house while doing online school:

So, like then from that, when I was in school, I kinda like didn’t really like school, and I felt like I was out of place. I wasn’t fucking with school at all, so I told my grandma [and she] was fuckin’ with it, so I went to online school. When I went to online school, I was by myself. This was [in middle school], so I went to sixth grade in public school, then I left public school and went to school on the computer. The whole time I’m in online school on the computer, I’m at the crib by myself and shit, and it’s like, it’s just weird. And I’m like, I feel like I’m lonely, you know what I’m saying? I really ain’t have no friends and shit.

The son of rapper I-20, Lonely grew up in a musical household and created music from a young age. His earliest official releases came in late 2015 on SoundCloud.

As he grew his fanbase and released more projects, Lonely forged relationships with many contemporaries in the Atlanta-area scene like BigSmokeChapo and Nezzus. He closely works with producer Clayco. He also frequently works with producers in Underworld Music Group, an artist and producer group created by Clayco.

Lonely is affiliated with BigSmokeChapo’s Addicted To Money. He became affiliated with Playboi Carti’s Opium label in early 2021.

Lone’s music consists of otherworldly, ominous instrumentals alongside his dark ambient voice delivery, doubling down on his mysterious persona.


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