Cybernauts leak old TikTok videos of Ifeoma, Paul Okoye’s new girlfriend, discussing her experiences with sugar daddies (Video)

Cybernauts leak old TikTok videos of Ifeoma, Paul Okoye's new girlfriend, discussing her experiences with sugar daddies (Video)

Internet sleuths have discovered previous recordings of Ivy Ifeoma, the new partner of famous artist Paul Okoye, discussing her experiences with sugar daddies.

Less than 48 hours after the singer initially showed her off to the public, the TikTok recordings of influencer and model Ivy Ifeoma, who appears to admit to dating wealthy men, were posted online.

Remember that Paul, whose estranged wife, Anita, filed for divorce from him in 2021, revealed Ify as his new girlfriend on Sunday, December 11 at their first anniversary?

Paul released a video referring to the attractive pair as “my beauties” when they were at church. He said that they had been dating for a year but had only recently come out as a couple.

Cybernauts recently conducted a background check on Ifeoma and learned that she published many videos on TikTok in which she made the suggestion that she would date older, wealthy guys in exchange for money.

She added a voice-over sound of an elderly guy coughing gravely to one of the videos with the phrase, “Five days into your marriage with a rich old man,” and she had a threatening expression on her face as if she had struck it rich.

Ifeoma writes, “POV: Your sugar daddy wants to build memories, but all you want is his money,” in another video where she can be seen dancing with a pot-bellied cartoon figure.

She might also be seen confessing in another video that she just wants a man for his money. You appear distinct from other females, she said as the caption for the video. You don’t only care about making money.

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