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Comedienne, Mummy Wa Says She Feels Depressed When People Look at Her with Lust



Comedienne, Mummy Wa Says She Feels Depressed When People Look at Me with Lusts

Kemi Ikuseedun, Mr. Macaroni’s matrimonial wife in many of his comedy skits has revealed how she usually feels when people look at her body shape. This is revealed in a recent interview she had with Saturday Sun. Kemi is known for her characteristic slaps and being a no-nonsense woman who will go at any length to stop Mr. Macaroni from engaging in any out-of-marriage affairs in some of their comedy skits online……   READ FULL ARTICLE

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Mummy Wa, the role she performs in many of her comedy skits with Daddy Wa (Mr. Macaroni) is most times found in traditional attires, this is perceived to be the reason why Daddy Wa most times have to look out for some side chicks (Freaky Freaky). But, this doesn’t usually end well most of the times for Daddy Wa.

When she was asked whether she love her body shape as most people admires her for the lovely body shape. See what she said below:

She continued as she referred to her posterior and the lustful attentions she usually gets from people, ‘Sometimes, I feel depressed because I don’t like the attention I get because of my body features. While some days, I feel s*xy, even though people always look at me with lustful eyes. I am happy with myself, my body. I love how I look.’

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