“Christmas hair dresser”: Monkey babysits a child and arranges her hair in video

"Christmas hair dresser": Monkey babysits a child and arranges her hair in video

A monkey has put smiles on people’s faces after it babysat a child like a human being.

The amazing primate sat at the back of the baby and helped arrange her hair like it knew what it was doing.

In the 1 minute 19 seconds TikTok video, the baby sat so quietly and unperturbed as the animal touched her.

People who expected the child to cry were disappointed because she neither cried nor showed any atom of fear.

She sat calmly as the monkey lurked at her back as if to make sure she does not fall.

TikTok users have been amazed by the monkey’s humanlike caring attitude towards the child.

After Atteh Emmanuel posted the video, it went viral and received 444k views as of December 23.

Watch the video below:

@attehemmanuel458♬ original sound – attehemmanuel458

Reactions from TikTok users

@_Tek 9 said:

“Nobody is talking about how cute the baby is.”

@Awuramasackey said:

“December hair dresser.”

@Christin-me commented:

“The child is comfortable with her hairdresser.”

@Obaaku Amponsah said:

“The child doesn’t know wats going on.”

@DEESLAYS8 reacted:

“How do I book an appointment for my hair to be done?”

@bukars91 said:

“I’m happy you posted this but my advice is take good care of the child because definitely this girl will be brilliant. This animal has something good.”

@user4243257796683 said:

“Untill it grows bigger, they would learn to be very careful. They can be very wild.”

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