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Blackpink – Born Pink (Album Details)



Blackpink - Born Pink

Blackpink – Born Pink album zip file stream not download

Born Pink is the upcoming second studio album by South Korean girl group Blackpink, set to be released on September 16, 2022, by YG Entertainment and Interscope Records.

On March 7, 2022, Jennie appeared on the variety show The Game Caterers in an episode featuring YG Entertainment artists, revealing that Blackpink had been working on a new comeback: “Blackpink is also making a comeback soon, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but since I’m the only Blackpink member here, I’ll just say it please look forward to it”.

On July 6, 2022, YG Entertainment announced that Blackpink was finishing recording for their new album and prepares to filming a music video in mid-July for release in August. The label also confirmed that the group would embark on the largest world tour by a K-pop girl group in history. In collaboration with battle royale video game PUBG Mobile, “Ready for Love” was released as a promotional single of from the album, exclusively with an animated music video on YouTube on July 29, 2022.

On July 31, 2022, YG Entertainment officially released the album trailer video through the group’s official social media accounts, announcing that the world tour would start in October, following a pre-release single in August and the album itself in September. The label later confirmed that two music videos were filmed to support the album, reportedly with the highest production budgets they have ever invested into a music video. The album’s pre-release single, “Pink Venom”, was released on August 19.

In a Rolling Stone interview published on May 23, 2022, Blackpink stated that “they were working hard on the preparation of the album and that they were ready to comeback into the swing of things.” Record producer Ryan Tedder, who last worked with Blackpink on their debut studio album, confirmed in an interview with Good Morning America that he wrote songs with members Jennie and Rosé for the upcoming album. Describing the process, Tedder said it was very much Blackpink’s work with him supporting and contributing. Despite working on several songs, none of them made the final album tracklisting.

Regarding the creative process and style for the songs, YG Entertainment stated that “A lot of music that is Blackpink-esque has been completed with much effort over a long period of time” and that the new album is expected to include numerous tracks that “feature the band’s signature music style that the members have worked on for a very long time”.

The label further explained that the album’s title Born Pink “portrays Blackpink’s confidence and self-esteem for being born different” and that the album lives up to the group’s reputation and “unrivaled presence.”

Born Pink is an eight-track album, that features various genres, Such as hip-hop, pop, disco, ballad and rock. The record opens with its pre-release track, “Pink Venom”, a hip-hop based track that blending elements of traditional Korean instruments with, EDM and pop-rap. Lyrically, it expresses Blackpink’s confidence and dual identity as both sweet and deadly and the group’s growing status as international icons. “Shut Down” samples the classical composition “La Campanella”, originally by Niccolò Paganini, mixed with hip hop hooks.

Long-time group collaborator Bekuh Boom serves as the writer and producer for the third track “Typa Girl”, while members Jisoo and Rosé participated in the writing process for the fourth track “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Singer-songwriter Freddy Wexler contributed in the composition of the fifth track “Hard to Love” as co-writer and co-producer, while Teddy Sinclair similarly contributed to the sixth track “The Happiest Girl” with her husband Willy Sinclair. Teddy Sinclair previously written for acts including Madonna and Rihanna.

Born Pink will be released in three different physical formats—a box set version, a kit album, and a vinyl record—as well as digital download. The box set version has pink, black, and gray variations, each with a packing box, 80-page page photobook, accordion lyrics sheet, photocards, postcards, two instant films and a sticker. The kit album, which allows buyers to listen to the album on their smartphones, contains a set of twelve photo cards, lyric and credit sheet, and a random polaroid card. The pink vinyl is special-edition is set to released on December 30, 2022. A fourth physical format, called “digipacks”, were announced on August 21, 2022; they come in four versions, one for each member, and will be released on September 16.

The album was reported to be made with Forest Stewardship Council-certified low-carbon eco-friendly paper, soybean oil ink, and eco-friendly coating. In addition, the disc in its kit format uses biodegradable plastic (PLA), and the plastic of the packaging and bag are made of ecological resin extracted from corn starch.

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