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BBNaija Season 7: “If Not For Rules And Regulations, I Would Have Used Bella’s Head To Mop That Table” – Chichi (Watch Video)



BBNaija Season 7: "If Not For Rules And Regulations, I Would Have Used Bella's Head To Mop That Table" - Chichi

Chichi has recently stated that she would have used Bella’s head to mop the table after she (Bella) mistakingly poured away her food during an altercation with Rachel……..   READ FULL ARTICLE

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Recall that after Rachel insulted Sheggz during their heated argument over food, she (Rachel) and Bella engaged in a heated altercation and almost got physical after Bella wasted a plate of food in an attempt to return it to Rachel, who cooked the meal.

However, while speaking about the incident again to Doyin, Rachel, Chichi and Phyna spoke their minds and shunned Bella for pouring away the food. This was when Chichi said she would have used Bella’s head to clean up the mess she (Bella) made if not for the rules and regulations in the Big Brother Naija house. Chichi said:

“…That food is our general food. It concerns me. If not for rules and regulations, I, Chinenyenwa Desire Famous, would have used Bella’s hair to mop that table. And secondly, she doesn’t have any right to pour it away in the first place. That triggered me…”

Phyna also agreed with Chichi, as she stated that if not for rules and regulations, Bella would have been beaten up immediately that food poured away.

In reaction, Doyin stated that Bella didn’t pour away the food intentionally and from what they had to say while their conversation went further, it seems as though Bella thought Rachel was referring to her when she (Rachel) told Sheggz that he started insulting her after eating the food she cooked.



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