‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander have split and called it quits

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander have split and called it quits

Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander, who were a pair on The Bachelor in Paradise, have ended their romance.

Less than a month after the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion aired on November 22 on ABC, Kira, a 32-year-old physician from Philadelphia, PA, and Romeo, a 32-year-old mathematician from New York City, NY, have called it quits.

On Friday, December 16, Kira sent a message on her Instagram Stories saying, “Romeo and I have parted ways.”

She said, “You shouldn’t always give individuals a second opportunity to let you down.

On November 4, the reunion of Bachelor in Paradise was being taped, and Kira and Romeo were still together and going strong.

At the start of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, which was recorded in Mexico in June, Kira and Romeo were involved in a love triangle with Jill Chin.

Romeo commented as soon as he set foot on the shore, “Despite how long it has been since I last saw Jill, I still believe that we have a connection. However, I’m worried Kira will be present. She shouldn’t come in the way of me or Jill, so long as that happens.”

When Kira first came in Paradise, she thought Romeo would be her guy, which caused a fight to break out between the two ladies.

On the episode, Jill alleged that Kira “always goes after males” whom she loves, and she referred to the doctor as a bothersome “b-tch.”

Jill previously said on the “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation” podcast that she first met Romeo while hanging out in New York with Kira, a friend she knew from the same New York City party scene.

However, Kira had previously met Romeo while they were both students at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, years before.

on the Kira stated, “Jill and him were messaging and chatting often, and she denied liking him, according to the “Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation” podcast from the beginning of October. I specifically questioned her about her interest in Romeo, and she responded, “No, certainly not.””

As a result, according to Jill, Kira went on a date with Romeo around Halloween in 2021, and the couple met Jill that same night at a bar. Romeo supposedly got along well with Jill and admitted to Kira that he preferred her romantically.

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