Asake pays tribute to two women who died during his concert in the United Kingdom while performing in Lagos

Fast-rising Nigerian musician Asake made headlines as he paid respect to the women who passed away during his London concert at his Lagos performance.

Recall that the crowd surge at the Asake concert in the UK resulted in the deaths of a 23-year-old security detail and a mother-of-two, Rebecca Ikumelo, both of whom were victims.

The YBNL singer most recently made a stage comeback in Lagos on December 22, pausing his performance to pay respects to the departed.

The Joha crooner asked the crowd to be silent as he apologized for the terrible deaths of the two women in London in a video that has gone viral.

He said:

“Inside of me I feel pain for them. But may their souls rest in peace. Before we go on, I just want us to have a minute silence for them, for those who lost their lives in London, may God be with them.”

After the video quickly became popular online, netizens responded with a variety of opinions. Many individuals urged for Asake to be sued because they were angry to see him perform again. Others, though, pointed out that his homage won’t make the women come back to life.

Read the following comments:


“He should have canceled this show.Two people died while the third is still between life and death as a result of the stampede at his canceled London show but he could run down to Nigeria to host the next show few days after.That’s the height of insensitivity and inhumanity.”


“His tribute will not bring them back to their families this Christmas, not now or next year it’s so painful.”


“Asake is back to performing? Wow.”


“Lmao he’s Back making money ? Pls go get them lawyers ‍♀️before you attack me it could be you.”


“People saying his still cashing out ( may the soul of the ladies rest in peace and GOD give their family comfort ) am sure he had this shows booked already, he can’t just decide to cancel it. Production has gone into them already.”


“This is the same thing I always tell people, do whatever you can to save your life, keep off from places or anything that will lead to your untimely death because if you ever die today no body cares and life goes on immediately, not even your siblings will stop other important things they are doing because of your death . Try your best to manage your life and live the rest for God.”


“Nah who die loose, nothing will pause for the dead… e try sha he sha acknowledged them even though it won’t bring them to life. He did d right thing regardless.”


“Dam*n at least cancel all shows for this year,Omo no more value for human life.”


“God! 2 lives??????? On top wetin exactly? Sungba???”


“It’s sad that she died yes but , Asake killed her ?? I don’t understand why he should not be back performing , na ment? Y’all are doing the most please. Life goes on , na God dey protect us. Anyone could go the next day. The world will move on.”


“Family need to do a law suit… his back making money he needs to pay.. ask Travis Scott.”


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