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APC Governor Plans To Host Peter Obi, Says He Likes His Ambition



APC Governor Plans To Host Peter Obi, Says He Likes His Ambition

David Umahi, the executive governor of Ebonyi State, has admitted that he supports Peter Obi’s bid for the presidency. Obi was formerly the governor of Anambra State.  READ FULL ARTICLE

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The leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said on Friday that he is prepared to welcome the presidential candidate of the Labour Party anytime he comes to Ebonyi.  READ FULL ARTICLE

According to Naija News, Umahi said this while participating in a live broadcast of an Arise TV show today.

Umahi refuted rumors that he had said Obi will not receive a single vote from Ebonyi in the elections of 2023 during the interview.

He claimed to be friends with Obi and to support the political actions of the Anambra man.

Umahi said:

“I never in all my outings and utterances mentioned Peter Obi.

“Peter Obi is my friend, I’m going to host him in Ebonyi State and I will host him publicly. I like what he’s doing, and it’s very encouraging.”

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Governor Umahi’s state was allegedly behind the fabrication of the story concerning his position on Obi.

The Igbos suffered significant losses in the APC and PDP presidential primaries, he added during the interview.

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