“Any day I don’t knack I get sick, that’s why I am into hook up” – Nigerian Lady

"Any day I don't knack I get sick, that's why I am into hook up" - Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady has proudly admitted to her type of job and justifying the reason she is into it.

Many ladies will beckon on the fact that they need money and that’s why they are into prostitution but this particular lady has said otherwise.

She said that anytime she doesn’t indulge in sexual Intercourse, she gets very sick and feels like she wants to die. This has caused her to become a sex addict that no one man can ever satisfy and so she went into prostitution to quench her high libido and also to make money.

She has also said that she do not care that people think about her as long as she is getting satisfied everyday and making money from it too.

Author: Thecuteceleb

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