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Allegations of Infidelity Rock Mide Martins And Afeez Owo’s Marriage



Allegations of Infidelity Rock Mide Martins And Afeez Owo’s Marriage

Nollywood couple, Afeez Abiodun, also known as Afeez Owo, and his wife, Mide Martins, may have been married for almost 20 years, but their marriage is not without its fair share of scandals bordering on infidelity, which have threatened its very foundation.

A few years ago, Mide and Afeez parted ways and the beautiful mother of two moved out of her matrimonial home. She was allegedly involved with a real estate magnate. The man in question was said to be the husband of one of her friends. Sources claimed that she travelled with the man to South Africa and spent a few days there with him. While on the trip, the man allegedly facilitated a profitable endorsement deal for her.

The actress was so heartbroken when her marriage crumbled. As a result, friends and relatives of the couple had to intervene. They appealed to Afeez to forgive her. While they were separated, Afeez flirted with one of his old flames. The lady had left her marriage and decided to take advantage of the crack in Mide and Afeez’s home to rekindle her love for him. However, the affair was shortlived.

Afeez also allegedly cheated on his wife again with her close friend, Zanzee Bolatito, a clothes vendor, when she was still a spinster. Their love affair allegedly packed up after the two disagreed over a piece of land that she sold to him. She allegedly sold the land for N4 million based on their relationship. Afeez allegedly paid 2 million naira and leveraged their relationship to make full payment at his convenience.

Long after Afeez’s initial deposit, the piece of land appreciated to N10 million and Zanzee compromised after allegedly getting a better bargain. The act of betrayal did not go down well with Afeez, who got angry and allegedly parted ways with his lover. He also warned his wife, who was a brand ambassador with Zanzee, not to have anything to do with her again, based on the disagreement they had over the land. A few months after Afeez allegedly broke up with his lover, tale bearers again came up with his wife’s extra-marital affairs. This time around, she was alleged to be dating a younger lover, Kiki Bakare, an actor she met on location.

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