After failing to cash out through Yahoo Yahoo, a young man becomes a craftsman

Young man becomes artisan after failing to cash out through Yahoo Yahoo

Following his alleged aim to get wealthy through Yahoo, a young guy accused of being an online fraudster has changed careers to become a construction worker. Yahoo sputtered.

He was seen on camera by a buddy discussing how he chose to study handiwork and looked for a legal way to hustle rather than relying on illegal operations.

In a now-viral video, he was shown working as a builder and paying attention to what he was doing as his friend continued to videotape.

Users on social media who viewed the message emphasized the fact that yahoo yahoo can never be a sustainable source of income.

Watch the video here:

mikkytorino; U see this yahoo of a thing, e go soon fade just like covid-19 just give it time, it seems like it’s here to stay, trust me it will fade away 💯

oak.asq; Lines will fall for you in pleasant places. Green will always be the path you tread.
Everything will work for your good and in your favour. Remember, Jesus is the truth, the way and the life! He loves you ✝️💜

koko_incoming_; Yahoo has be dere since our forefathers so all dis owner talk na rubbish who wan learn work make e learn work who wan browse make e browse no day cast anyone day your day den we day our day finish which one be yahoo dis yahoo dat and the most funny tin most of y’all parents here talking bullshit do u no your children source of income?

But when they credit u day smile and they hide under presence of doing petty jobs all of owner way day cast the fraud if God go follow owner mouth most of you here no go get sun tay type this nonsense cause every rich man paid a price

temimine_tm; Handwork is another door to riches

official_dforce; Don’t make is sound like it’s wrong, stop glorifying the wrong thing😢

maka_v_thadon; I got a contact of someone who does window blinds and some aluminum works in Abj. When the guy showed up, straight i pleaded with him abeg no be contract work i wan run for the site cus his dressing and car he came with i no just understand. Na me come dey beg am make he no charge me like he charges Politicians ahswear.

ifoundgrace_; Yahoo no gree pay am .if he no get the fear of God he will do blood money ,,you all should learn how to appreciate good change ..God will bless him more

terry__west; Wish many of will go back and learn skills.

olanrewaju_oki; Definition of no place like Home… your handwork na home o

billysoyeluxury; Need a God fearing sugar mummy between the age of 27 to 34, Never married before, works in oil n gas with no previous cr!m!nal record and can easily dash out $100k thanks for coming every weekend. My dms are open pls. Serious candidates only let’s respect ourselves.

tusayililian; Yahoo no be anybody mate, na who give up on him handwork fuck up.

carphy_flinks; I just dey bomb bomb,the last time wey i think say i don jam client I no no say na one Unilorin boy i been dey follow chat.

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