“Adam and Eve”: A trending video depicts a man and woman sleeping off inside a bus (Watch)

"Adam and Eve": A trending video depicts a man and woman sleeping off inside a bus (Watch)

A woman released a video online showing a man and a woman soundly dozing off inside a bus.

The man and the woman struggled to remain awake as the bus rolled past in the video released on December 17 by Slim Mama.

The video clip shows the couple sitting quite close to one another before passing out.

The woman’s head was moving towards the guy as he slept asleep, and the man’s head shifted near her shoulder.

When their heads eventually rubbed against each other, they momentarily awoke but quickly fell back asleep.

Slim Mama claimed she rode the public bus since she did not have a car and did not enjoy the scene.

The two must have been really exhausted, according to TikTok viewers who have seen the video and agreed that it is difficult to resist sleep in public.

Watch the video below:

@slim_mama1 New challenge public bus #slim_mama1 #deywhineme #whineme #whinetutorial #whinemechallenge #public #publicbuschallenge #publicbus ♬ You Dey Whine Me – Austine De Bull

Reactions from TikTok users

@Deborah said:

“I’m eating, why I watch this now.”

@wengel commented:

“He is tired ok please. No joke.”

@user33461841217197 reacted:

“You shouldn’t have it’s not fair.”

@2468leo said:

“The tap dey rush.”

@anifrancis755 commented:

“People can’t have privacy again.”

@ISMOO_Y$F said:

“Because of traffic you no use your own car but you enter bus? Wetin be the difference?”

@Honeydropin2wealth commented:

“Nah so one Adam and Eve Dey feed demself plaintain chips inside bus.”

@ayxino said:

“Let’s rub heads together.”

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