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Actor Olumide Bakare Biography – Age, Career, Education, Early Life, Family, Awards, Movies And Net Worth



Actor Olumide Bakare Biography – Age, Career, Education, Early Life, Family, Awards, Movies And Net Worth

Nollywood actor, Olumide Bakare who has been battling with his health overtime might have given up the ghost but his name has been engraved on the rocks of time and will never fade away.

In this article, I will discuss Olumide Bakare’s biography, career, age, place of birth, net worth, Movies, and given name. Let’s start with his profile.

Olumide bakare biography
Olumide Bakare Biography
Full Name: Olumide Bakare
Stage Name Chief Koko
Date of Birth: 26 November 1953
Death Date: 22 April 2017, Ibadan
(aged 63 years)
Place of Birth:: N/A
State of Origin: N/A
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Actor, Film, TV, Stage & Radio
Net Worth: N/A
Marital Status: Married

Olumide Bakare Biography, Olumide Bakare Biography

Olumide Bakare Biography

Olumide bakare biography 1
Olumide Bakare Biography

Olumide Bakare was a renowned actor, who is well recognized for the major part he had in the yoruba movie industry in Nigeria. He was also known as Chief Koko by many of his admirers, this was owing to the character he performed as a difficult landlord in the rested TV Series, Koko Close.

Olumide Bakare Early Life

Olumide Bakare, better known by his stage name Chief Koko, was born in the early 1950s into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Bakare. Mr. Bakare was a well-known movie actor in Nigeria.

Olumide was born on November 26th, 1953, and he had a life that is worthy of being emulated.

Olumide Bakare Career

Bakare gained widespread recognition for his performance as the main character in the cancelled television series “Koko Close.” Koko Close is a well-known television series that was broadcast at the time both on television and in movie theaters.

There is no question that his role in this TV series was the inspiration behind his nickname, “Chief Koko.”

During his career as an actor, Olumide appeared in a number of successful films as well as commercials for soap. The book “Papa Ajasco and Company” written by Wale Adenuga was welcoming to all.

Olumide Bakare Movies

Since he first started acting, Olumide has featured in over 100 movies. These are some of his movie;

  • ° koboko
  • ° Iboji (2008)
  • ° Maami (2011)
  • ° last Flight to Abuja
  • ° Ise Onise (2009)
  • ° Aye Olorogun (2007)
  • ° Kofo Lady

Olumide Bakare Personal Life

Is Olumide Bakare Married?

Yes, your kindness, Olumide is married and collectively has four children who have reached adulthood.

One of his children, Olulabode, is currently serving as a pastor in the United States. Oluwamayowa, a businessman in Lagos, Oluwatofunmi and Halimat.

All of Bakare’s children have established successful professions in their different fields.

Late Olumide Bakare Histroy

Olumide bakare biography 3
Olumide Bakare Biography, Olumide Bakare Biography

Olumide Bakare was an experienced actor who is best remembered for the pivotal part he played in the Yoruba film industry in Nigeria. He is widely renowned for this role. Many of his devoted followers referred to him by the moniker Chief Koko; this moniker originated from the role that he performed in the long-running television series Koko Close, in which he portrayed a difficult landlord.

Olumide Bakare is the proud father of four children: Olabode, who serves as a pastor in the United States; Oluwamayowa, who operates a business in Lagos, Nigeria; Oluwatofunmi, who received a degree from Ekiti state University; and Halimat, who is known as his beautiful princess.

During his career as an active actor, Olumide Bakare appeared in a large number of hit movies and soap operas. One of the most prominent of these was the well-known soap opera Papa Ajasco and Company, which was written by Wale Adenuga.

After he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in 2013, he was forced to call an abrupt end to his active career in the film industry. He underwent surgery in another country, and though he eventually made his way back home, he never worked in the film industry again after that. In the month of February in 2017, he suffered another decline in his health and was once again in serious condition.

The medical condition of the late Olumide Bakare did not improve due to an ailment related to both the heart and the lungs, as diagnosed by a medical specialist.

After having spent more than a million naira on medical bills, it was determined that the late Olumide Bakare required approximately N30,000 every day for diagnosis. A significant number of Nigerians came to his assistance while monies were being raised to cover his medical expenses.

After that, the late Olumide Bakare proceeded to the University Teaching Hospital in Ibadan, which is located in Oyo State, to have surgery soon before he passed away. The news that Olumide Bakare had passed away came as a shock to his many fans all around the world.

Late Olumide Bakare’s Death

Many people are looking to confirm if Olumide Bakare is truly dead, and the question, Is Olumide akare Dead? Keeps popping up on the internet.

The veteran actor is dead. He died on Saturday, the 22nd of April year 2017.

The thespian, who had been seriously sick since the year 2013, underwent a surgery at University Teaching Hospital, UCH, Ibadan, Oyo State, shortly before his death. Olumide Bakare’s death came as a shock to his numerous fans globally.

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