A Nigerian father warns his daughter not to return home if she doesn’t get first class after giving N20 million for her education (Video)

A Nigerian father warns his daughter not to return home if she doesn't get first class after giving N20 million for her education (Video)

A Nigerian father has challenged his daughter to graduate with a first class since he spent a lot of time training her for her MSc degree.

In a video that the daughter shared, the father said that he had already gathered N20m to cover the cost of the child’s further education and that he was confident she would receive honors.

If she does not obtain a distinction for her Masters degree when she graduates, he told her not to waste her time trying to return to their family home.

On their date, the father and his 25-year-old daughter were discussing the chances of each of them succeeding in their objectives.

The Msc student said in her defense that it is challenging to do well while retaining respectable marks, and she begged her father to be understanding because the pressure of striving for the top spot would have a severe effect on her mental health.

However, her father emphasized that she should be proficient in reading since they could not afford to pay N20 million for her schooling if she did not perform well.

If the family understands she won’t be a great student, he suggested raising N2 million rather than N20 million so she may focus on operating her bag business.

She said that she wouldn’t have to work twice as hard right now because she already had a first-class bachelor’s degree.

When her father stated that he shouldn’t ban her from seeing men because it was too early in her life, she vehemently opposed.

Then, in response to her query about whether he wanted her to get married or not, he said that if he didn’t, she should stop studying and start hunting for a spouse.

He said her children will be able to continue their quest of academic excellence after she gives birth, saving her the bother.

Meanwhile, Dave Partner, a young man, has warned African parents not to send their young children to study abroad.

In an online cautionary video, he asserted that any parent who sends their kids to school overseas too young has permanently lost them.

Dave asserts that they might only see their child or children once every ten times before they pass away.

According to him, just because some parents have the means to relocate their kids to the US, UK, or Canada while they are still young does not indicate that they need to.

He continued by saying that as they acclimatize to the new environment they are living in, they begin to embrace a foreign culture that is incompatible with that of their African homes.

A child’s education, whether from instructors or fellow pupils, is one of the factors that impacts a change in character, according to the business trainer.

The parent could not be allowed to see their child until after they graduate or marry a white lady, according to Dave Partner.

He said that because they had no instruction from their parents on the family company, they would also have no interest in taking it over.

The speaker stressed how a youngster may experience a number of changes when living overseas, enough for them to lose sight of their origins.


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