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A man who truly loves you will borrow money to marry you without delay – Actress Christabel Egbenya (Watch Video)



A man who truly loves you will borrow money to marry you without delay - Actress Christabel Egbenya

Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya has said that a man who is serious about settling down with his woman will do all it takes to marry her.

She stated this while dishing advise to women during her Talk Show where she noted that a man would even borrow money to marry a woman he loves without giving her stories.

According to Christabel, he will not waste any time or stall when he is ready and that is how women can know those that are serious.

The screen diva further explained that if a man is telling his woman stories regarding marriage plans then it means he is still trying to know her and there may be somethings about her character or attitude that he is trying to study.

She said that lack of money is not really the issue for some men who intend to get married because they know what they want.

Christabel then advised ladies to look for another man if their current boyfriend is giving excuses because it means he does not want to marry that particular lady.

Watch her speak below:

veevogee; Any woman who has sense wouldn’t allow her man borrow money to marry her.✌️

jeffryprettypretty; Men please don’t go and because of love, borrow money to marry poor man daughter ooooooh 😂

hypemanguru; God abeg ooooo which kind woman be dis 🤣

khemouchie; Sis, if you love your man you might as well borrow some money so he could marry you. What is good for the goose is good for the gander ma.

isthatlarisa; Why she come resemble Judith? I no de take advice from Judith look alike biko 😭😭😭

iamthatlindy; God Abeg…nobody should borrow money to marry me please

goodybae; After borrowing to marry you, what next??

kingoncie; Lmao.. we are not ready for the discussion on how wedding debts lead to alot of divorces in recent times… Sapa knows no pity after the glitz and glam my people!

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