7 Times Kendall Jenner Freed the Nipple (Photos)

7 Times Kendall Jenner Freed the Nipple (Photos)

Kendall needs to be let free. Even the most casual watcher of Kendall Jenner is aware that the model is not a great lover of the bra. She does wear one, sometimes even outside of her clothing, but she frequently chooses to forgo it. And when she does, it doesn’t matter what she is wearing to her. While sporting anything from a loose tee to a completely transparent blouse, Kendall has boldly “freed the nipple” (and one very memorable crocheted jumpsuit).

I honestly don’t get what the big deal is with going braless, she remarked on her blog in 2016. I actually don’t care; I simply think it’s awesome! It’s sexy, cozy, and I don’t mind showing off my breasts. That’s all! Come on, Kendall! forward 11 times If Kendall Jenner’s liberation of the nipple has inspired you, follow these steps to get the same appearance, regardless of your size.

1.Flower Power

In order to shop at the Adidas store in New York City on July 31, Jenner wore a transparent floral blouse, denim cut-offs, stiletto shoes, and her go-to Louis Vuitton fanny pack without a bra.

2.Seeing Red

A translucent red shirt, vintage Levi’s, and pointed white boots were Jenner’s choice for another #FreeTheNipple outfit the day before. She was seen in New York City wearing the ensemble.

3.Slouchy & Sᴀssy

On July 26, Jenner relaxed in Tribeca wearing her go-to ensemble of retro jeans, a Louis Vuitton monogrammed item, sexy shoes, and a T-shirt without a bra.


A white eyelet dress by Opening Ceremony that Jenner teamed with a transparent white camisole for a statement that’s somehow both sexy and delicate was one of her most eye-catching outfits to date in June.

5.Balmain Babe

Jenner hit the streets in Paris in March sporting a gorgeous cherry-red dress by Balmain and thigh-high python boots right off the catwalk. Slaying.

6.Keeping It Casual

In a crisp white shirt, white sneakers, and high-waisted jeans topped with a dramatic duster, Kendall was unfussy and stylish in June 2016.

7.A Kendall Klᴀssic

Just to show that Kendall has been rocking this style for a while, here is a photo of her catwalk debut at Marc Jacobs from back in February 2014, when she sported one of her most daring outfits ever by forgoing a bra and eyebrows.

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