5 crossdressers who have had their lifestyle choices questioned on social media

5 crossdressers who have had their lifestyle choices questioned on social media

On social media, there are certain crossdressers who are frequently questioned about the lifestyles they choose to lead and how to present themselves online. They made a decision on the type of life they would lead and followed it. They were questioned because they appeared to live a different lifestyle than other individuals on social media.

1) Nikita Dragun.

Questions have been raised concerning Nikita Dragun’s decision to switch from one lifestyle to another, such as how he went from dressing like a guy to dressing like a lady. Because of the kind of life he has decided to lead for the remainder of his life, several of his admirers have questioned him.

2) Bobrisky.

Bobrisky has also been questioned; in one interview he did a few weeks ago during another interview a few days ago, he was somehow able to respond to a few of the many questions.

3) Jay Boogie.

Like other cross-dressers, Jay is frequently questioned by onlookers who are perplexed by his ability to function so well as a woman while being born a guy.

4) Buchi Alexander.

Several individuals on social media have questioned Alexander Buchi about why he changed his appearance since they thought it was much better in the first place.

5) Jay Bugatti.

Last but not least is Jay Bugatti, who also asserts that he got surgery to obtain a larger back like to a woman’s, prompting his admirers to doubt him.

Additionally, I think that because these crossdressers have chosen the kind of life they want to lead, people should just let them live it. Everyone has a life to live, after all. Although some individuals only want to know the reason someone departed their previous way of life.

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