27-year-old woman who gave birth to 9 babies returns home with them

27-year-old woman who gave birth to 9 babies returns home with them

The Malian couple whose lives were completely changed by the simultaneous birth of their nine children on May 4, 2021, will always remember that day.

The intention of Halima Cissé and Kader Arby’s family was not to garner international notice when Halima Cissé became pregnant. Kader Arby is a sailor in the Mali Navy.

The fact that all nine of the infants delivered through C-section were alive and well proves that it was an unusual birth.

The Malian physicians were unable to manage the heat, so it was decided to transport the expecting mother to Morocco, according to the BBC. It was a full-court press situation.

It was a life-or-death situation when Halima was initially airlifted out for both her unborn children and herself.

In order for her and all of her babies to live, the Malian physicians stabilized her before arranging for her relocation to Morocco.

The physicians were startled when the infants, who were thought to be seven in number, instead numbered nine on the day of the Caesarean surgery.

The mother and her nine cubs resided at a rehabilitation facility following delivery.

They remained at a rehabilitation facility in Morocco so that the physicians and nurses could properly monitor and care for them.

A mother giving birth and returning home with nine children is unusual.

When Cissé was flown abroad, their first daughter Soda stayed at home in Timbuktu. As a result, Arby, their father, used to visit them periodically.

The ten-child mother had no idea that this would be the course of her life.

It would need nine individuals to assist the family throughout and after the journey till they arrive home safely, therefore the government of Mali sent a delegation to welcome them home and accept them.

Using a phone On December 11, 2022, the pair spoke with UK Daily News and said:

“We are very happy to finally be able to return to Mali together.”

After being welcomed by the delegation, the nonuplets were presented with a Guinness Book of Records certificate.

Legit.ng has previously reported that Ogechi Emmanuel, a Nigerian mother, had announced the birth of twins on Facebook on September 22, 2021.

After nine fruitful years of waiting, Ogechi claimed that the blessing finally arrived in her marriage.

She stated that God had blessed her with twins after a lengthy wait. As a result, the woman prayed for everyone desiring the same benefit.

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