10 People Who Took Their Tattoos Too Far (Video)

10 People Who Took Their Tattoos Too Far

There are many different reasons why someone would want to remember something. While some people would rather have a snapshot of their memories, others would rather have them tattooed on their body. When a tattoo reaches an excessive limit, some people perceive it as forbidden, despite the fact that a moderate tattoo could look fantastic.

The individuals on the list below are tattoo enthusiasts who went beyond.

Australian Ethan Bramble, 24, was the youngest and most genetically altered person in the world at the time. Only after he was 11 years old and stretched out his ear did he become obsessed with altering his physique. He improved his appearance more and more as the years passed.

He has over 40 physical modifications, including a split tongue, no belly button, spiders beneath his skin, and black tattoos on his eyeballs, and his body is 80 percent covered in tattoos. He said that the surgeries cost him over $15,000. If you’re wondering why he did it, Ethan explained that he like the way it makes him stick out and appear unique.

Signal: A tattoo artist and model from San Francisco, Signal left the corporate world to regain control over her life. She underwent a radical physical makeover because, when she was younger, she used to dislike herself and the way she looked, and the alteration really improved her self-esteem.

She has already spent more than $50,000 on the transformation of her entire body, which is 60% tattooed from head to toe. She has several tattoos in addition to numerous physical alterations, the most latest of which are silicone implants that look like horns in her forehead.

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