10 Famous Child Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers (Video)

10 Famous Child Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers (Video)

Lindsay Lohan’s tale is one of tragedy. Lindsay Lohan formerly enjoyed universal adoration and was regarded as one of the most talented actors.

She became a worldwide sensation because to her appearance in Mean Girls. She was even “America’s favorite disturbed kid” at one time, according to the New York Times. Lindsay began acting at the age of 3, and her resume in the industry helped her get the well-known part in the film Parent Trap.

Lindsay Lohan began spending more time in New York nightclubs as her fame rose, and media articles about her troubles became more frequent. She was found to be in possession of narcotics on both occasions that she was detained in 2007. She was taken to treatment in an effort to recover, but nothing truly changed.

She broke her probation in 2010 and was sentenced to 13 days in prison after skipping seven alcohol education sessions. Since then, Lindsay has improved and has been working to change her life, but her best days are behind her.

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